Accepting myself …

During our sessions I realized a lot of things about myself and now I know the reason why things happen inside me and how to treat them. Vivien helped me to accept myself and the consultations with her supported me a lot. I highly recommend her.
- Renate

I have overcome my obsessive fits

I can recommend Vivien to everyone who seeks an emphatic specialist. With her help I realized the causes of my obsessive fits and she taught me effective techniques to overcome them. She is understanding, patient and she didn’t have any expectations considering how fast I should improve. With her help I have got rid of my obsessions and I am really grateful to her for this.
- Mathias

She helped me to come to terms with my break up

She is a very good specialist, really emphatic and conscientious. She has great insights. I asked for her help to be able to come to terms with a break up. She assisted in assembling myself, thank you so much.
- Anna

She helped me to respect myself

I sought Vivien’s help because of lack of self-confidence. She brought a lot of suppressed things to the surface, those I didn’t even consider significant. Now I am able to look up to and respect myself. I enjoyed our sessions, she is supportive and candid. Thank you for the support.
- Berat

She helped me a lot

„I am grateful to Vivien for helping me to find myself again, that we could look for the right direction in my life. She shed light on and led me to see the causes of my problems and with her help I have managed to solve them. Today I watch and see the world in a totally different way, I am much happier and more balanced.” Andrea
- Susan